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All physical life on earth is experiential and evolving, including not only our human bodies, but also our individual emotional and mental developments that have been forged over the past and will continue into the infinite future. We learn continually in our individual struggles with the ego's lower vibrational emotions, including survival, envy, hate and anger, but also in our higher divine emotions such as forgiveness, acceptance, love and harmony not only with oneself, but others as well.
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My Art - 2017


Last year I visited the enigmatic rock engraving site at Driekops Eiland, where over 3000 geometric shapes have been engraved into a large smooth flat rock surface on the banks of a nearby river. Who made them, when and why, still has not been conclusively answered by academics. Maybe they were done over a thousand years ago by male initiates, just prior to their circumcision, each image representing their individual archetypal symbol either dreamt or visioned , representing this important liminal rite of passage from boyhood into manhood ?
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My Art - 2016


Imagine the enormous implications for Modern Western thought if it were ever possible to scientifically prove that there was indeed a continuity of ones consciousness after physical death. That this essence of self continued unbroken, evolving and learning, before again choosing to inhabit another physical human body. That this cycle into and out of physical form has happened to each one of us many times before and will continue into the future toward a final unknowable but certain conclusion.
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My Art - 2015


These woodcuts are a narrative of impressions, anecdotes, thoughts and experiences that I've encountered over the last few years describing phenomena in the ' unseen ' world that may be an extension of our measurable physical one. Words often used to describe some of these phenomena of the paranormal world include : Auras, Akashic records, Apports, Astral travel, Bilocation, Chakras, Deva's, Mediums, Reincarnation, Souls, Spirits, Out of Body and Near Death experiences, Karma, Ghosts, Mental Telepathy etc.
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My Art - 2014


After a recent traumatic eye injury and a visit to a local kinesiologist my interest was stirred and I began to read and research information about the so called ' spiritual world ', one that seems to permeate our known physical one.

My eldest son finished matric and he entered a vibrant democratic South Africa, so unlike the one I did when his age. Synthesizing a collection of all my old photographs, drawings, letters, and memorabilia I digitally created these images from my dreaded, but forced two years military conscription in the 1980's.
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My Art - 2013


Current Rock Art research generally agrees that most Bushman paintings and engravings are a metaphor for their complex religious, mythical and spiritual beliefs. These images show how they might have made meaning from their contact with wild animals, other groups and finally the white settlers.

I took five generations of women from my family tree, showing each mothers roughly 400 fertile eggs she naturally produces during her lifetime of ovulation. Each egg represents one monthly cycle, blue shows a boy foetus and pink a girl.
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My Art - 2012


I’ve always been fascinated by Stone Age tools, and in this exhibition I’ve focused mainly on the Acheulean handaxe, a simple but elegant style of tool made by our early Hominid ancestors and dating back about 1.7 million years. The handaxe was a rugged multi-purpose tool, like an extension of the hand, which gave our ancestors added power to hit, cut, scrape, pierce, shape, dig, throw and chop. It improved their ability to dig for roots and skin animals.
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My Art - 2011


Current rock art research agrees that most if not all San paintings are metaphors for their complex religious, mythical and spiritual beliefs. The paintings on the rock surface can be interpreted as a thin veil between the material world and the spiritual world.

I produced a series of five bronze sculptures and eleven paintings reversed on glass, in which I’ve attempted to capture how shamans might perceive themselves while in the deepest hallucinatory trance state or altered states of consciousness. In these states they believed they could communicate with their dead ancestors to receive guidance, control the animals they hunted, predict the weather, and heal the sick within their community.
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My Art - 2009


These ten bronze birds try to capture the essence of birds in general, without influence of type of species or factual detail.

I am trying to represent the basic shape and form of generic birds in their every day movements, trying to show their every day postures like resting, sleeping, stretching, etc. without getting side tracked by over elaborate detail in striving to copy actual surface detail.
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My Art - 2008

Previous Work

This selection of work was done over a long intermittent period during which time my wife and I raised our two boys and while other family and business interest dominated my time and ability to practice my art more seriously.
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Previous Work