2018 Love Series

love series

The word 'LOVE' has for me, many associated meanings including the following - truthfulness, service, sympathy, compassion, tenderness, kindship, loyalty, restraint, welfare, kindness, understanding, playfulness, joyful, gentleness, optimism, tolerance, detachment, reconciliation, health, happiness, goodwill, freedom, perseverance, surrender, prudence, wisdom, reason, friendship, forgiveness, courage, patience, harmlessness, generosity, honesty, self awareness, peace, mercy, charity, vegetarianism, simplicity, silence, self esteem and beauty. The fish image represents negative feelings like hate, envy, jealousy etc. and the bird represents positive feelings of love etc.

painted sculptures

These acrylic on supawood paintings where done for Knysna Fine Art's joint show themed around wine/alcohol